Tips for Taking Your Medications

Here are a few tips on taking medications that have been prescribed for you from Dr. Kadivar.

  • Follow all Directions both written and oral.
  • When you are ready to use the medicine, maximize the benefits and minimize the risks by following the instructions printed on the drug label
  • Read the label every time you fill your prescription before you leave the pharmacy. Be sure you have the right medicine and understand how to use it, and to be sure it's the right medicine, for the right patient, in the right amount, in the right way, at the right time.
  • Take the recommended dose exactly as prescribed--no matter how tempted you are to use more to feel better faster.
  • Finish all the medicine as directed--even if you start to feel better before all your medicine is completed. 
  • Report Back to the Team
  • Pay attention to how you feel and notify your health care team of any problems.
  • If you have doubts that the medicine is working effectively, don't stop taking it without checking with your Doctor.  Some medications take longer to show a benefit, and some need to be withdrawn gradually to decrease undesirable effects. If you experience a side effect, let your health care team know immediately. An adjustment in the dosage or a change in medication may be needed.
  • For complete clarification and understanding about medications that have been prescribed for you please contact Dr. Kadivar at his clinic at 916 SW 38th st. Suite D in Lawton or call his office at (580) 699-7699 and (580) 454-7699 Elgin Office.